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Pour le moment, j'ai mis à jour l'avancée sur mon site pour 22%, ce qui représente les 66.000 mots des chapitres solidement et complètement terminé (AMoL)

"Les hommes ne peuvent rien résoudre par la violence. Si elle avait un solide baton, elle les aurait battu jusqu'à ce qu'ils entendent raison" Nyaeve

(Note : cette citation a été édité pour tenir sur Twitter). Oui, je suis de retour sur la Roue du Temps, maintenant que les grandes lignes sont en place, je me focalise sur l'écriture.

Vous êtes maintenant plus de 20000 à me suivre sur Twitter. Je me demande quel pourcentage le font en espérant que je poste une ligne de a Memory of Light par accident.


Nouveau billet sur le blog.

J'ai travaillé sur l'aspect tactique de la Dernière Bataille, à essayer de la rendre aussi authentique que possible. Beaucoup de choses à garder à l'esprit ici.

Beaucoup de personne me demande de publier à nouveau la timeline de la parution de a Memory of Light ici

Le but : fournir le premier brouillon le 8 novembre. Après ça, les éditions et révisions qui sont des parts incertaines du travail. Entre 3 et 6 mois probablement.

Donc, dans le meilleur des cas le livre sort en Mars, dans le pire des cas novembre 2012. Harriet à demandé plus de temps à Tor cette fois-ci.


Habitants de Toronto, je serais Invité d'Honneurs à la convention Polaris ce week-end. Voici mon planning.

2011-07-13 a mis en ligne le chapitre 3 de mon nouveau livre de "Fils des Brumes", the Alloy of Law Vous pouvez lire les chapitres précédents ici :

Mon David Gemmell Legend Award est arrivé. Le voici à côté des deux Snagas des nominations

Un gros plan sur le David Gemmell Legend Award

Aux participants de la ComicCon et de Polaris : récupérez l'un des journaux en provenance de Fils des Brumes : the Alloy of Law

Pour ceux qui se demandent au sujet du journal the Alloy of Law, nous avons éventuellement prévu d'en imprimer des posters et de les vendre sur le site.

Ils seront également dans le livre, découpé en quatre et inclus pour le lire pendant que vous lirez le livre.

L'avancée du premier brouillon de AMoL passe de 22% à 24%. Le quart est pour bientôt.


Deux de mes panels à Polaris ont été inversés. Celui sur l'intrigue est maintenant samedi, et celui sur les peuples et la Roue du Temps est maintenant dimanche midi.


Sur la route pour Toronto. A bientôt les gars.

J'ai posté mon planning pour le ComicCon de San Diego

Delayed two hours in the Minneapolis Airport on the one day Joel (my pal who chairs Minnicon and works at the airport) is out. Sigh.

And...delayed again! Bing. If you happen to be passing through Minneapolis airport with a book you want signed, I'm at Gate A4.

If you've come looking for me, I'm no longer at A4. You might still be able to catch me at A7, but only for another 15 min.

Really, New York Times? You couldn't review the book without insulting the rest of the genre? Again?

Also, not every good fantasy needs to be named "Better than Tolkien." That's like starting Broadway reviews with "Better than Shakespeare!"

It's been 50yrs since Tolkien. GRRM's good; your reason he's better is like putting a Lexus over a classic Packard because the Lexus has GPS

Okay, rant over. In better news, I'm on the plane. Only what...four hours late? Off to Toronto.


I love it. Instead of a gift basket in my room, the Polaris people left me a stack of packs of Magic cards. Sweet!

Just a quick reply to a lot of the tweets I'm getting about the GRRM/Tolkien posts I made earlier. (more)

There's absolutely nothing wrong with preferring to read GRRM over Tolkien. I, personally, would generally rather read WOT than LotR. (more)

But a comparison must take into account that we wouldn't have WoT or ASoIF without Tolkien.That's why the tone of the review was off to me.

Live near Toronto? Come see me at the convention. Today I have a reading, a signing, and three cool looking panels. Details on my website.

Also, note. If you're here at Polaris, come play Magic with me at 6:00 today. We'll have open play, and if enough people want, we'll draft.

All, I just found out that you DON'T need to buy a badge to get into the con's dealer's room in Toronto. (Where the signings are.)

That means my signings here at Polaris are all open and free to the public. They also have a dealer selling books. :)


Thanks for treating me well in Toronto, folks. On my way to San Diego for comicon. Will will be doing 1 panel and 2 signings on Thursday.

Man, @MaryRobinette's travel karma must have rubbed off on me. Delayed here TOO. Guess I'll work on your book in the airport, wotfans.

Really hope I don't miss my connection in Detroit off to San Diego. Otherwise, I get to overnight in Detroit. Blarg.


Connection in Detriot missed by 5 min. Saw the flight pull away. But I at least got on a flight to Salt Lake and will stay at home tonight.

InkWing has a new T-shirt contest, and a coupon code that you can use on Mistborn & Way of Kings shirts.

I've put up a new blog post with updates and the Q&A I did at Polaris.

Ha. I'm delayed an hour out of Salt Lake for San Diego. if you're counting, that's 4/5 flights on this trip, delayed an hour or more.

Remember, Comicon folks. Stop by the Tor Booth Thursday (or come to my signing) to get a copy of the Mistborn in-world newspaper. #SDCC


Man, I like San Diego. It's so amazingly nice here.


There's a downloadable version of the broadsheet from Mistborn: The Alloy of Law up for registered members.

The Comic-Con panel I'm on with Pat Rothfuss, George R. R. Martin, etc. is starting in an hour. If you're here, come to Room 6A!

Okay, so that registration line is obscene. I feel so bad for you folks. (Heads for pro line, hoping it's a little better.)


Me after eating garlic @ dinner: "I'll avoid speaking much tonight." Jim Butcher: "I find it hard to believe that's possible, Brandon."

Suvudu did a little video interview of me at Comic-Con.

Just updated the % bar on AMOL from 24% to 27% to reflect this week's work so far. A lot of travel this week, with Comiccon, slowed me down.

Also, yes to those posting. I've got a goatee now. It's short, so I felt strange sitting between Rothfuss and GRRM with their epic beards.

Ha. Just looked at my last tweet, which was a direct reply to someone, and realized a mistake I made. Gives a clue what I'm working on...


How I know my 3 year old loves me: "Daddy, I'd be sad if a T-Rex ate you." (Said randomly during a conversation about something else.)


Aussies: I'm coming in April 2012. Plus signing in West Jordan next week & other updates.

RJ was far better at poetry than I am. I hope it's not painfully obvious when you come across one of my lines from a poem/song/etc. #Amol.

By the way, AMoL % done has moved from 27% -> 30%. Expect sharp rises this week; I hit a patch where I've already done a lot of work. #AMOL.


I love working on Perrin's scenes. I can't really explain why, but the two of us have always clicked. #AMoL.

6k words of material for #AMoL (some worked on previously) added to the main storyline. 2% more done, bringing us to 32%.

Updated my signing schedule with new Houston store and date (switched days with Lexington). Still waiting on Vancouver.


Live in Perth? The SwanCon 2012 (Doom-Con) folks want me to remind you to register for the con so you can see me there. just put up chapter 4 of THE ALLOY OF LAW. Should I apologize for that cliffhanger?

A reader in Kobe Japan has asked me if anyone knows of a place nearby to get English language fantasy novels near to release. Anyone know?

The person searching for a good English Language bookshop in Japan would prefer not to order online for various reasons. (See previous post)

Blogged the North Am. leg of my book tour. Provo, San Diego, Orange County, Seattle, Vancouver, Lexington, Houston, NYC.


Il y a BEAUCOUP d'action/combats dans ce livre. Je pense que vous vous y attendiez, mais je voulais tout de même vous prévenir... #AMOL

2% de plus pour le travail d'hier et d'ajourd'hui. #AMOL est à 34% terminé, nous avons dépassé le tiers.


Dernière chance de voter pour les Hugos


Aujourd'hui est le dernier jour pour voter pour les Hugos